The appeal of FLOSCA Carbonated Pack as seen on before and after photographs

FLOSCA Carbonated Pack is an product that has an immediate effect on a wide range of troubling skin conditions and that also beautifies the skin with long-term use.


Adheres firmly to the skin to bring it brightness and restorative moisture

Even skin that is feeling rough from the dry environment of plane flights can be restored to its best condition with a single use of FLOSCA Carbonated Pack.


Activates the skin’s metabolism and encourage regeneration

Skin that has burned due to exposure to strong ultraviolet light will also recover to this extent with two weeks’ use of FLOSCA Carbonated Pack


Skin that is starting to experience the effects of aging can also be transformed

Skin with a deteriorated barrier function and that is becoming wrinkly and unhealthy will become more vibrant, with better color and natural moisture, with a skin regime using FLOSCA Carbonated Pack

Reasons why FLOSCA Carbonated Pack is loved by so many salons

It is a high concentrated carbonic acid but causes little irritation
While it is a highly concentrated carbonic acid of 5233 ppm, it does not cause tingling sensations and is safe to use on one’s own even on sensitive skin

Adheres to the skin well and does not release carbonic acid
Created using a patented manufacturing method that does not allow the carbon to escape into the air. Has deep moisturizing effects as it locks moisture into the skin

Can be peeled off easily and does not need to be washed off
The pack hardens in five minutes and can be peeled off cleanly, causing no concerns about drying or friction to the skin that would be experienced in wash-off products

A formulation of 20 beauty ingredients
Rich with beauty ingredients to nourish the skin

Can also be used on the eyes and lips
A low-irritation pack that can also be used on the eyes and lips. Can be peeled off cleanly without interfering with eyelash extensions

Relaxing natural aroma
Formulated with six different natural aroma oils. The healing effects of these scents enhance the skin beautification.

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