CEO Maki Okino
BLOOMS Co.,ltd.
CEO Maki Okino
A Long Lived Love for Beauty

Hello, my name is Maki Okino, from Blooms Co., Ltd. I have been a lover of beauty products ever since I was a child. I had a strong desire to be pretty, and was very interested in makeup and fashion. When I was in high school, I went to school with a perm that was popular at the time, and got in trouble with the teacher and had to straighten it back out. After I began working and getting paid, I happily went on binges buying cosmetics. I particularly liked buying them as I listened to the stories of the beauty staff, and in frequenting the counter I became completely enraptured with the beauty world.

Skin Worries Increased With My Love of Beauty Care

I was chosen as a beauty medalist in “25ans” for my enthusiasm toward beauty care. My love for it heated up as I started receiving the latest in beauty products and made friends with the same interests. However, almost in contradiction of this, my worries about my skin only increased. First, I had seriously dry skin. At the time, I was working in a company building in Roppongi, and worked long hours in the dry atmosphere unique to office buildings, which made my skin constantly ashy and gave me pimples.

Discovering the CO2 Pack

My face was also always swollen. Even if I lost weight, my face stayed the same. I really did not like it… I started going to an esthetics salon known for its small-face course. It was there that I discovered the CO2 pack. I still remember impressed I was. When I looked at myself in the mirror after the procedure, my chin had come out, and my silhouette had changed. I was certain that it would work, and continued going to the small face course, and using at-home charcoal face masks. My face became slimmer and slimmer, and the severe dry skin and acne I had went away.

FLOSCA, the Ideal CO2 Pack

CO2 packs have become a must have ever since, but at the time, I was using the wash off type, and washing up every time was a task in and of itself. Development at our company has focused making them easier and more effective, for “highly-concentrated”, “adhering”, and “easy to remove” packs. By making a gel of highly concentrated CO2 to the skin, the CO2 is sent straight into the skin. There is no tingling sensation, and therefore great for people with sensitive skin, and easy to peel off, so you can move straight into your skin care regiment. It also improves the permeation of skin lotion, giving you lively and moist skin. The FLOSCA CO2 pack is the skin care item that makes my ideals a reality.

Be Pretty for Life With a Regiment and Professional Technique

However, if you really want to maintain your looks, professional technique is a must. Even with a massage, the results you get from doing it yourself, and from getting one done by a skilled esthetician are completely different. But you cannot go to the salon every day, so we recommend periodical professional care in addition to at-home CO2 pack care. I myself have taken the initiative to use this method, and am feeling the results. We will continue to strive to help as many women as possible shine with FLOSCA CO2 packs.


Born on September 29, 1974, in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture. After graduating, she became a judicial scrivener, and then became an employee of Goldman Sachs. At the same time, she began to work as a beautician, and was chosen as a beauty medalist in the magazine “25ans”. After leaving Goldman Sachs, she studied at Peking University, and established Blooms Co., Ltd. She is passionate about getting FLOSCA CO2 packs to as many women as possible.